Application of Ceramic Membrane Technology in Cutting Fluid Reuse
Column:Industry Information Time:2019-09-17
After the cutting fluid is used for a certain period of time, it will become invalid and become industrial waste liquid. If it is directly discarded

We know that metal cutting fluids can guarantee the surface finish and machining accuracy of metal cutting process, and have a wide range of applications in the machining industry. However, after a certain period of use, the cutting fluid will fail and become industrial waste liquid. If it is directly discarded, it will cause waste of resources. It is a pity that if the cutting fluid can be purified and recycled, the cutting fluid can be prolonged. It’s better to use the cycle.

     The deterioration of cutting fluid is mainly due to the inevitable mixing of certain impurities such as metal particles (crush), dust, abrasive particles, fibers, free miscellaneous oil, water in cutting oil, etc. in its recycling engineering. When the content of these impurities is high, the surface of the tool and the workpiece is damaged during use. Moreover, these impurities are the main catalysts for the oxidative deterioration of the cutting fluid, which accelerates the chemical change of the cutting fluid to cause higher acidity and greater interfacial tension, thereby causing deterioration of the cutting fluid. The successful application of inorganic ceramic membrane separation technology in oil-water separation provides a truly feasible solution to this problem.
     Inorganic ceramic membrane separation is a new technology for material separation based on the screening effect of porous ceramic media. The high-efficiency "cross-flow" filtration mode is adopted, that is, the fluid medium flows under pressure in a film tube at a certain speed, and small particles pass through the membrane in a vertical direction with the fluid flow, and the large-particle material is intercepted to achieve separation and concentration. And the purpose of purification. Under the low-pressure driving force, the cutting fluid flows through the surface of the membrane, and the water and small molecular substances permeate through the membrane to become the permeate, and the suspended particles are retained by the membrane as a concentrate. The concentrated liquid is circulated continuously in the membrane equipment system under the pump pressure, and the ceramic membrane is continuously discharged. After the cutting fluid is concentrated to a certain extent, the concentrated liquid is sent to the concentrated liquid. The sinker is treated as a sinker and the sludge is cleaned regularly.
    The advantages of ceramic membrane technology in separating cutting fluids:
    1. The inorganic ceramic membrane has good chemical stability and chemical corrosion resistance to acids, alkalis and organic solvents.
    2, high temperature resistance, strong anti-microbial ability, does not interact with microorganisms, can achieve online steam sterilization
    3, high mechanical strength, high pressure resistance, good wear resistance, erosion resistance
    4, narrow pore size distribution, good separation performance, large penetration
    5, can be repeatedly cleaned and regenerated
    6, long service life, generally can be used for 3-5 years, or even 8-10 years
    7. The technology has simple separation process, convenient operation, continuous operation, high automation, low labor intensity, high production efficiency, less engineering investment and small equipment footprint.
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