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Liquid chromatography column

INTRODUCTION: The SKC Series is Bona Bio's superior performance for HPLC, including different types of packing and packed columns for analysis.

Solid phase extraction (SPE)

Introduction: 1. The particle size is highly uniform, the surface area and pore size are reasonable, and the optimized surface functional groups are highly stable in chemical properties.

FLASH column

Specification model: FLASH fast purification column Introduction: It adopts spherical chromatography packing, low content of filler metal ions

Thin layer chromatography plate

Specification model: Thin layer chromatography plate Introduction: Thin-layer chromatography is an important experimental technique for rapid separation and qualitative analysis of small substances. It is also used to track the progress of the reaction and is widely used for drug identification, impurity inspection or content determination.

Glass column

Specification model: Description: The cylinder is made of borosilicate custom glass and is transparent. It has the characteristics of low expansion ratio, high strength, high hardness

Experimental stainless steel column

Specification model: experimental stainless steel column Introduction: High-gloss seamless pipe inside and outside the column, resistant to chloride ion-free olefinic acid base, organic solution (ethyl acetate, petroleum ether,
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