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High molecular polymer chromatography packing

Specification model: SKP series polymer chromatography chromatography packing Brief introduction: 1. Spherical, high granularity, easy to install column resolution 2. No debris and small particles, clean product,

Ion exchange chromatography medium

Specification Model: SKI Series Ion Exchange Chromatography Media Brief introduction: 1. High PH stability: easy to clean online, long service life 2. High mechanical strength: low back pressure, high linear flow rate 3. Uniform pore size and particle size

Hydrophobic chromatography medium

Specification Model: SKH Series Hydrophobic Chromatography Media Introduction: 1. High pH stability: easy to clean online and long service life. 2. High mechanical strength: low back pressure and high linear flow rate.

Affinity chromatography medium

Specification model: SKN series affinity chromatography medium Introduction: 1. High pressure resistance, high combined capacity and high stability. 2. It is suitable for the separation and purification of various proteins containing histidine. 3. Uniform pore size and particle size: high resolution, good experimental reproducibility, easy to scale up, and stable quality.

Ligand exchange chromatography medium

Specification model: SKL series ligand exchange chromatography medium Introduction: The SKL series of ligand exchange chromatography media produced by Bona Biosystems contains 5%, 8% and 10% cross-linking PS/DVB homo-microspheres.

Gel permeation chromatography packing

Specification model: GPC series gel permeation chromatography packing Introduction: Gel permeation chromatography is based on the principle of separation of size exclusion. Separation of substances of different molecular volumes by the stationary phase of molecular sieve properties.
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