All products produced by the company are specially designed and manufactured according to the domestic operating environment based on the introduction of foreign advanced technology, and the products conform to national standards.

For the company's products, we have made the following commitments to the after-sales service:

1. After the equipment is installed and commissioned, it will be delivered to the user for free warranty during the warranty period.

2, to ensure that our professional installation staff is responsible for the installation of maintenance, and equipped with full-time inspection personnel acceptance.

3. After the installation and commissioning is qualified, the supplier shall be responsible for management.

4. Free parts are provided during the warranty period (except for man-made damage), and spare parts are supplied at the ex-factory price for a long time.

5. The company provides all-day technical services during working hours. Normally, you will arrive at the scene within 24 hours (in the province) after receiving the notice of repair, except outside the province (on the scene within 3 days).

6. Conduct comprehensive technical safety inspections and tests on the equipment from time to time to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.

7. After the installation is completed, the survey will be conducted after three months from the date of installation.

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