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Organic membrane filtration experimental equipment (BONA-GM-M18)

Specification model: BONA-GM-M18
Introduction: It can be equipped with various types of roll membrane components such as microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis. Widely used in biological

Product Details:
Minimum cycle volume: 2L Maximum working pressure: 1.5/4.0MPA
Working temperature: 5~55°C Filtration rate: 0.5~20 L/H
Maximum pump power: 800W Adapt to pH range: 2~12
Equipment specifications: 500 (length) × 530 (width) × 675 (height) mm
With automatic overpressure protection, automatic overpressure

basic configuration:
One high-pressure rotary cutting pump, one or two sets of stainless steel membrane modules,
Two sets of seismic pressure gauges, one material tank 20L,
Pressure regulating valve, equipment bracket, chain link,
Pipes and their connectors, two sets of flowmeters
A set of overpressure automatic protection systems.
Membrane component specifications: TFBN-18 Φ46×L305 0.4m2

Optional film original model:

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