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Reverse osmosis membrane small experimental machine

Specification model: BONA-GM-19
Introduction: The small-scale experimental machine for reverse osmosis membrane developed by Jinan Bona can be equipped with various types of roll membrane components such as microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis.

Reverse osmosis membrane small experimental machine (equipment model: BONA-GM-19)

Minimum cycle volume: 0.2L/0.5L Operating temperature: 5~55°C
Adapt to pH range: 2~12 Filtration rate: 0.5~10L/H
Maximum pump power: 1500W Maximum working pressure: 4.0/6.5MPa
Equipment specifications: 590 (length) × 430 (width) × 480 (height) mm
Variable frequency adjustment pressure and flow, equipped with overpressure protection, can set the highest pressure; dual pump configuration, can be compatible with microfiltration-ultrafiltration-nanofiltration membrane separation test machine all functions.

Basic configuration:

One electromagnetic feed pump, one high pressure piston pump, one stainless steel membrane module, one set of seismic pressure gauge, one material balance cylinder, one pressure regulating valve, one reverse osmosis membrane element (optional); equipment rack , a series of card joints, pipes and their connectors; a set of intelligent digital display frequency conversion control system; a set of overpressure automatic protection system.
Membrane component material: polyamide composite membrane cellulose acetate
Membrane component specifications: 1812 Φ46 × L305
Filtration area: 0.4m2
Molecular weight cut off: sodium chloride rejection greater than 99% SG
Sodium chloride rejection rate is greater than 98% SE

Some units of use:

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